Block and Estate Management

Block and Estate Management

By specialising in Block and Estate management, we can concentrate all of our energies on the care of your property. We do not sell houses, any form of insurance, or arrange mortgages. We solely manage and maintain our clients’ properties. We pride ourselves on good communication and a quality all round service:


We have vast experience in all aspects of managing properties and believe that communication and organisation is the key to a successful management company. Our success is built on strong communication with leaseholders, clients and contractors. All enquires will be dealt with promptly. If your enquiry cannot be dealt with immediately your message will be left with our receptionists and will be dealt within our two-hour response time.

* Quality of Service: Your block or estate will be managed in compliance with all the current legislations, terms of leases and good business practice. We can manage all types of residential property; no block is too big or too small for us to manage.

* Preparation of service charge budgets: All service charges are individually split and calculated on the size of the unit and in accordance with the terms of the lease.

* Service Charges: We will be responsible for the collection of all service charges. This includes recovering any arrears and instructing legal action for unpaid service charges where appropriate.

* Ground Rent Collection (If required): As part of our service we are happy to collect the ground rent as part of the service charge. The ground rent will then be forwarded to the freeholder.

* Communal Utilities bills: Many blocks of flats have a communal electricity and water feed. We will manage this cost and it will be added to the service charge.

* Dealing with enquiries from lessees: Enquires from lessee/lessor regarding any ongoing maintenance to the block/building is dealt with promptly and efficiently.

* Opening and Maintaining a client account and reserve account: We will open and maintain these accounts as part of our service to you.

* Accounting: To deal with all accounting issues such as preparation and submission of accounts. To keep detailed records of all transactions relating to the client’s property. All expenditure made from the clients account are recorded on our computerised system and suitably authorised by our chartered accountant.

* 100% Transparency: MKDP makes no additional charges, nor is any commission made from maintenance work. Copies of all 3rd party invoices can and will be sent to the relevant parties.

* Manage Contractors and Suppliers: To source contractors required for maintaining the communal areas as stated within the terms of the lease. We also work alongside locally sourced and highly skilled contractors who do regular work for us. A strong working relationship has been formed with the contractors, which is a huge benefit to the service we provide, as we trust the level of workmanship we are being provided.

* Supervision of all building works including any major works: Major works are generally required as stated in your lease. We will oversee and project manage the preparation of the works, the tender and selection of appropriate contractors and the ultimate completion of works. We receive no commission on these maintenance works.

* Site inspections: To be carried out regularly and reports completed at each visit, this includes health and safety and fire system inspections.