What services will be included in the management fee MKDP Properties charge?

This is an example of our service but it can be tailored to meet your requirements

Service Charges

Preparation of the annual service charge budget
Management of expenditure within budget limits
Billing and collection of service charges
Preparation of year end service charge accounts for independent certification
Billing and collection of ground rents
Collection and management of arrears (if solicitors have to be instructed we will charge an additional fee)
Routine payment of invoices

Repair and maintenance

Deal with day to day repairs and maintenance promptly and efficiently using competent contractors
Tender and manage contracts for routine services
Preparation of a ten year maintenance and repair plan (included within our set up fee)
Tender and manage contracts for the maintenance of plant and machinery
Provide an ‘out of hours’ emergency service
Administer basic insurance claims. (Depending on the severity of the issue, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee but this would be agreed with the client and may be covered by the insurance)
The service of s.20 consultation notices

Compliance with legislation and lease terms

Ensure that all management functions are carried out in accordance with current legislation
Abide by relevant Codes of Practice
Ensure compliance with the terms of leases
Deal with any simple breaches in accordance with landlord’s instructions. (if the matter becomes protracted, we reserve the right to charge for the time involved in resolving the issue. this would normally be a charge to the leaseholder involved.)

Health and safety and risk management

Carry out a visual inspection of the common areas of the property usually once a month or as agreed with the client and deal promptly with any issues

Arrange periodic general health and safety and fire risk assessments

Arrange any other risk assessments/statutory testing which may be required to ensure compliance, eg asbestos, fixed wiring, water tanks

Communication with leaseholders

Attend to routine enquiries from lessees

Produce explanatory notes for the service charge budget and year end accounts

Report on significant lessee communications including disputes

How do I know my money is secure with MKDP?

In accordance with statutory requirements, all of the service charge and reserve/sinking fund monies we hold on behalf of the clients and leaseholders, are held in nominated trust accounts so separate from MKDP’s own funds. We follow RICS rigorous accountancy standards to ensure we are complying with all the accounting regulations.

What is the role of a managing agent?

The role of the managing agent is to look after the communal parts of the building including the structure, arranging the services, repairs and maintenance, etc. on behalf of the landlord. Under the terms of the lease, the landlord will have covenanted to carry out a number of tasks. It is these tasks that the landlord asks the managing agent to arrange on their behalf.

It is how we provide these services on behalf of the landlord, that we believe differentiates us from our competitors. We pride ourselves on having a much more hands on and visible approach to management. We work on behalf of the landlord and leaseholders to lower your time investment and to give you peace of mind that your monies are being spent appropriately and that our service, in particular our customer service, exceeds expectations.