What will my service charge monies cover?

This will depend on the terms of your lease, but will cover the running costs of the building. This may include on-site staff, communal plant, collection of service charges and preparation of budgets and year-end accounts. It may also include a contribution towards a reserve/sinking fund and our management fee.

Can I pay what I owe by credit card?

Yes you may pay by credit card, debit card, direct debit or standing order with the link we send to you. We do not accept cash under any circumstances.

Does the building insurance cover provide the contents insurance for my property?

No, the buildings insurance policy covers the structure of the building and the landlord’s fixtures and fittings mainly within the common parts but these may include the kitchen cupboards and bathroom fixtures within each flat. You should check with your property manager what the policy covers. These may include wooden floor finishes if these are not original to the block. We would always encourage leaseholders to regularly maintain things such as shower seals, hoses on washing machines, etc to prevent claims and disruption to your neighbours.

How do MKDP manage health and safety?

All of the buildings we manage are inspected periodically by an external consultant who completes health and safety and fire risk assessments, as required by law.

How often does the property manager visit the building in their portfolio?

The frequency will depend on our management contract but usually we aim to visit at least every six weeks and more often when required with snap site visits. The manager will complete the site inspection using our dedicated block management software which records and reports any issues which are then dealt with when the property manager returns to the office. If there is any serious issue found, this is then then this is dealt with by phone immediately. Any concerns will be recorded and residents can view this on the notice board.

How do you choose the contractors that will work on my block?

Preferred contractors are used for all works, i.e. gardening, window cleaning, electrical, etc. They have been selected for quality workmanship, speed of response and of course value for money services. We regularly tender service contractors. The combination of our knowledge and the contractors’ experience ensures a reliable, prompt and cost effective service.