About Us

MKDP Properties was founded by the Directors of the company, whom have over ten years experience working within the property sector. Working within large property management firms, the directors recognised the need for more block management agents to provide better service delivery and cost savings to its customers.

Following frequent requests for more communication, customer engagement, value for money services, local contractors to be sought, transparent accounting and general service advice, it was time to start a company that would cater to clients and customers needs by providing good quality services.

Working together

To do this, we start by developing working relationships with our customers, clients and the people we work with on a day to day basis. We aim to establish collaborative practices with you through finding out what your views are on general matters and how we can best serve and deliver this to you.

We conduct regular site visits, along with dealing with general telephone enquiries to discuss and understand your requirements. This gives us a greater insight into how our customers operate and provides us with more information as to what is happening on your development. From this we can determine how we can improve issues that arise on site and find solutions that work for the benefit of your development.

Working with you gives us a greater understanding and perspective of your needs which enables us to identify key areas of improvement and where we can add value. All matters are discussed with you and put into action. Listening and doing, both work hand in hand and this is where we are chosen among the competition, value for money!

Service Delivery

At MKDP Properties, our service is delivered to a high standard and in a professional, timely manner. We offer information and advice which is clear and transparent to enable you to make an informed decision on site matters and other general queries.

Ways we can do this is to offer solutions to issues and concerns that are raised with us, finding cost savings when instructing works, ensuring that appropriate tendering is carried out to compare costs, attention to detail is equally important when delivering services and demonstrating value for money. Our mission is to provide a simple, cost effective block management services, adapted to meet the needs of our clients and customers.

We believe that everything matters and communication is paramount, this is integral for each of our schemes that we manage.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is based on three principles;

We care, we listen and we provide, we believe this is the key to our success.